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I just thought of something and am really confused as to how you haven't made the joke yet. Derek and Stiles have a weird thing about sandwiches, sandwiches can be made with bread or buns. Buns is used as slang for butt cheeks. Meat goes in a sandwich, meat is slang for penis. "Yeah Stiles I want to put my meat in your buns" "Oh yeah Derek make that sandwich" "YOU TWO FLIRT FUCKING WEIRD STOP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD"

u just want me to make a comic with ‘my anaconda don’t want none unless u got buns hun’

dont u


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Hi. I love your art. You're so talented (=

Hello. Thank you for thinking so, friend



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I wanted to let you know that I love your art! It's colorful and expressive! so lovely! You're wonderful!

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Who would you rather be shipped with: Torah or Arra?

I’d rather ship Torah with Arra.

I wrote a short fanfic of them once. They yelled at me.



Stiles used to love this class. it was perfect, with the sun glowing warm and bright through the studio’s windows, an empty peppermint hot chocolate on the windowsill behind him, and babies. So many adorable babies. Plus, as an added bonus, the moms were usually so preoccupied running after, feeding, or soothing their little munchkins that they had no time to tell him how great his ass looked in his yoga pants. 

He never had to worry about anyone questioning his poses, whispering about his choices of cool down, or scoffing about his music selection. It was a great warm up to his Advanced class at eleven, and most of all it was fun. 

Well, at least it had been before Derek Hale showed up. 

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I hope this doesn't come off weird, but your art has really improved!! Have a nice day/night!!

Thanks man!! I’m so happy to hear that! You have a great day/night too!